Backpacks for Good Prep Day!

Backpacks for Good "Prep" Day!

Volunteers needed Thursday July 18 at the Coloma High School Library at 300 West St. Joseph Street, Coloma, MI.

In preparation for Backpacks for Good, the back to school readiness event on August 10 at Mid-Way Baptist Church in Watervliet, we are looking for volunteers to help us stuff the backpacks with the school supplies that will be distributed.  

Round One! Fill the pencil pouches from 4-6pm 

Job description: volunteers will be stuffing the pencil pouches.This is a job that can be done sitting or standing. 
Round Two! Backpack Stuffing from 6-9pm
Job description: volunteers will be walking around a table while holding backpacks that are being filled with school supplies. There will also be volunteers who stand at the table to re-fill and hand out items
Please note in the first field which Job you are signing up for.
If you have any questions, please contact Maureen Bradford by clicking here or giving us a call at 269-983-3304.
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