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Count everyone living in Berrien County.

Berrien County is getting ready for the 2020 Census, the national count done once each decade of each person living in the U.S.
An accurate count is critical so Berrien County receives our fair share of federal funds. The Census count determines how much funding Berrien County will receive over the next 10 years for roads, school lunches, education, housing, transportation, Medicare, Medicaid, and much more. The county’s population also determines how many lawmakers we get in Lansing and Washington D.C.  
The Census form has 9 questions: name, gender, age, birthday, race, ethnicity, phone number, relationship to head-of-household, and owner or renter. 
We need to make sure every Berrien County resident is counted no matter their age, income, immigration status, or type of residency. 

Census information is CONFIDENTIAL for 72 years. By law, your data cannot be shared with anyone.

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Census info arrives via mail about March 20, 2020Reminders sent early April


Contact Library for assistance with Census form.

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