Eligibility for Vaccine Promotion Grant Application

The Berrien Community Foundation received a grant from Michigan State University to fund small nonprofit organizations interested in getting accurate information to the Black and Latinx communities in Berrien County about adult vaccination. The goal is for people to be equipped with good data and answer questions to make informed decisions about vaccinations.

Now, the focus is on the COVID-19 vaccine, but this grant is to address COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy along with other important vaccines such as the flu vaccine, shingles vaccine and pneumonia vaccine.

The key is for small organizations – nonprofits, churches, etc. – that are strongly connected in the community to be the trusted source of information. Below is a simple grant application to apply for funding for your organization’s idea.

If you want to get involved but aren’t sure how to help, please contact Susan Matheny at 269-983-3304. We would love to have a conversation with you and see how we can partner.


All applicants have the option for submitting an application via ONE of the following paths: 
  1. Online application form below.
  2. Word Document submitted via email to susanmatheny@berriencommunity.org. If you need a paper copy, you can download it here OR if you need a paper copy to write on, please contact the Foundation at 269-983-3304.

  3. Mail or deliver in person to Berrien Community Foundation, 2900 S. State Street, Ste. 2E, St. Joseph, MI, 49085


Organization Eligibility Criteria
  • Organizations can be 501c3 nonprofits, Religious Organizations doing community work, Schools, Municipalities or other organizations partnering with one of the previously listed eligible organizations.
  • This funding opportunity does not grant to individuals.   


To accomplish this, sub-awardees must meet the following criteria: 
  1. Focus on addressing distribution, administration, and/or uptake of COVID-19, influenza other identified adult vaccines in adult Black and/or Latinx populations in Benton Harbor (all of 49022), Eau Claire, Niles. 
  1. All work must happen at the community-level and within defined communities of Benton Harbor (all of 49022), Eau Claire, Niles. 
  1. Ideal projects focus on one or more of the following categories: 
  1. Environmental: Helping to address social and cultural norms or health, economic, educational, and social conditions related to immunization.  
  2. Community and clinical: Working in settings in which social relationships occur, such as a school or a neighborhood or settings where healthcare is provided 
  1. Interpersonal: Projects that outreach through social and personal relationships with neighbors, church elders/congregations, healthcare providers, friends, loved ones, or others 
  2. Individual: Projects that work on personal attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors 
  1. Include multiple promising practices from the list below:  
  1. Community-level immunization champions – Respected and influential people in the community who help share knowledge (for example, vaccine safety, need for vaccinations, etc.) with people who are unvaccinated. 
  2. Increased vaccine access through community-based distribution sites through non-traditional settings like churches or mobile vaccine units or at childcare or places with parents and children like children’s doctor appointments, schools, daycares, parks, carnival/fairs. 
  3. Mass public health/education campaigns through media outlets like television, radio, billboard, and newspaper ads with local respected people giving vaccine health messages. 
  4. Social media campaigns through social media platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.  
  5. Community-specific or Subgroup-Specific Public Health/ Education Campaigns to share adult vaccine information through community-specific methods like door drops, webinars, lunch and learns, etc.
  6. Patient Vaccine Navigator provide care coordination to support patient access and reduce barriers/provide incentives to obtain flu and/or COVID vaccines. 
  1. Agree to meet reporting requirements and providing regular updates on projects. 
  2. Grantees must commit to expending dollars by July 30, 2022 and communicate a proposal that makes this clear.


To apply, visit www.berriencommunity.org/vaccinegrant.