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Our Funds

Berrien Community Endowment


This endowment supports BCF's general grantmaking program and allows us to meet the current needs of Berrien County. Grants decisions are made by community volunteers and serve a wide variety of needs throughout Berrien County.


Berrien Community Leadership Endowment

This endowment supports the overall administration of the Berrien Community Foundation. 


Field of Interest Endowments

Arts and Humanities Endowment

Berrien Springs Area Endowment

Education Endowment

Coast Cares for Kids Endowment

Healthful Living Endowment

Malcolm S. Ross Sustainable Development Endowment

Senior Empowerment Endowment

Veterans Support Endowment for All Who Served

Woman to Woman Endowment

Agency Endowments (Arranged by category)

Arts & Humanities Endowments

Children & Family Organizations

Churches/Religious Organizations

Community Improvement & Special Needs

Environment/Animal Care Endowments

Library Endowments

School & Education Endowments

Seniors & Health Endowments