Duane Donohue Memorial

Duane Donohue of St. Joseph passed away on Feb. 20, 2020, after living life to the fullest following a colon cancer diagnosis 2.5 years ago. He died at home with his wife, son and beloved dogs by his side.

Duane graduated from Coloma High School. He studied art and design at Kendall College and Southwest Michigan College before settling into a lifelong career at Walsworth Printing, Inc. (formerly IPC). Duane loved to fix up abandoned bikes to give away. He loved adventuring into every corner of his beloved home state of Michigan. He loved tinkering and creating and collecting art. He loved Michigan Football: The Team, The Team, The Team.

Always the first to help a friend, Duane believed in living life with the simple mantras, “People Matter” and “Be Kind.” He over-tipped, paid it forward and encouraged immediate forgiveness. He was grateful for a loving community that generously stood by his side before and during his life with cancer. Duane was grateful for the life he had, for the opportunities he was given and never once asked, “Why me?”  He wished to be remembered as a good person.

Regardless of the obstacles we face, Duane would want us to remember to care for one another; because together We Got This.

Duane is survived by his one and only wife of 2.75 years, Julia Gourley Donohue; their son, Isaac Greene; his boisterous family, including brothers, Randy Donohue and Scott Donohue; the Gourley family, who claimed Duane as their own; his many friends, his work family, and the elusive Spusta Heros.

He is preceded in death by his loving mother, Nancy Brower.

Friends will gather at SLBC from 5-7 p.m. Thursday, April 30, in honor of Duane’s birthday.


In lieu of flowers, please consider:

Donating to the fund Julia has set up here at the Berrien Community Foundation in memory of Duane, for youth arts programs and rescue dogs;

Supporting Isaac’s secondary education through a Memorial College Fund established at 1st Source Bank;

Or flowers delivered to Julia and Isaac periodically.