Give Later


For many donors, the greatest opportunity to leave a legacy is with an end of life gift. With a bequest, you can continue making an impact beyond your lifetime. You can always be there for your favorite charity or area of interest.

Making a Legacy gift is easy!

Name Berrien Community Foundation as the beneficiary of a retirement account or life insurance policy, or work with your advisors to build an estate plan that includes your charitable goals. There are even ways to create a legacy gift while creating an income source during your lifetime. We would love to talk with you about these options. Please email BCF President Lisa Cripps-Downey or call at 269-983-3486.



Make a charitable gift from your estate with a simple bequest, as noted in your will or revocable trust.


Charitable Remainder Trusts

These gifts allow you to receive income for the rest of your life, knowing that whatever remains will benefit your community.


Charitable Lead Trust

Place cash or property into a trust that pays a fixed amount to the Community Foundation for a specified number of years. Once this period ends, the assets held by the trust are transferred to the beneficiaries you name.


Retirement Assets

By making the Community Foundation the beneficiary of the most-taxed asset - your retirement account - you can leave more favorably-taxed property to your heirs.


Life Insurance

Simply make the Community Foundation the beneficiary of your policy. You give a significant gift to charity and receive tax benefits in the year of the gift.