Grant Writing Tips

Here are some Grant Writing Tips!

Follow Directions!

Pay attention to the instructions on how to submit your application. If it says NO STAPLES, then do not use staples. If it says you may submit one page additional attachment only, then don't submit a 12-page document.

Answer every question!

Never leave a question blank, even if your answer is just to explain why you are not answering.

Create quality documents!

Taking a picture of a document with your phone and scanning a document into a PDF format are not the same thing. Taking a picture causes the document to be very difficult to read and looks terrible. A scanned or "saved as" PDF version of the document is the best way to go.

If you don't have a scanner, try downloading the smart phone app "Genius Scan" -  it's free and creates quality PDF documents.

But don't get too fancy!

When submitting your application, it is unnecessary to use thick, fancy paper. We often must scan the documents and the thick paper can get destroyed in the feeder.

Sign on the line!

Make sure that you have all the correct signatures required - and double check that everyone signed in the correct spot!
Get this paper circulating first so it's done when you're ready for it.

Watch your deadlines!

If a due date falls on a weekend, assume it is due the Friday before, not the Monday after. You may get lucky, but you may not. Also, it is extremely rare that you will be granted an extension on a deadline.

Ask for help early!

Grant applications are generally available more than two months before the due date. If you need to ask questions or request help in some way, you are far more likely to be helped when the due date is a couple of weeks from now, instead of a couple of hours from now.

Find a proofreader!

Don't let little mistakes ruin your submission. Find a friend to read your application and have them look for any typos, missed words, missing documents, and any writing that doesn't make sense. If they don't get it, neither will we.

Read all about it!

If you are unsure of something, it is OK to call or email the foundation to ask, but only after you have read every word of the instructions available first. Read the entire application, look for additional guidelines, etc. Then, if you still don't find the answer, call or email to ask.

Keep on the lookout!

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