Kaleidoscope Playground at Kiwanis Park Project

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The Kaleidoscope Playground at Kiwanis Park Project is a collaboration between the Kiwanis Club and St. Joseph Parks Foundation with a shared vision for an all-abilities, integrated playground in St. Joseph to improve the quality of life for all park attendees.

The mission of the Kaleidoscope Playground at Kiwanis Park is to create a playground that is universally designed to benefit the health and well-being of everyone in our community, regardless of ability or age. The project name is inspired by the evolving perspective of a kaleidoscope as a lens to see every person, regardless of ability, as a vibrant, dynamic, and diverse part of all communities. Together, our collaborative partnership shares a vision for turning an idea into a reality to give all community members an improved quality of life.

Kaleidoscope Playground is both a response to an emerging need as well as a new approach to meet current needs of families. It is encouraging seeing playgrounds that feature accessible and adaptive elements across the country, however what is being envisioned is taking this idea one step further. The project recognizes the need for equipment to reflect the society we live in, including elements that are fully-accessible by wheelchair or stroller and spaces that are intentionally designed for sensory needs of children.


Project Timetable:

Fall 2023: Fundraising, playground design and equipment selection
Spring 2024: Finalized design and purchase of playground equipment
Fall 2024/Spring 2025: Ground-breaking and playground installation