BCF Welcomes New Board Members

We welcomed three new board members in September: Elizabeth McCree, Philip Molloy and Alexis Harris. 

Elizabeth McCreeElizabeth standing in front of a canyon and rainbow overhead.

Elizabeth is looking forward to giving back to the community that has given her so much.

Elizabeth is an attorney who represents children in child protection, probate and juvenile delinquency cases, as well as disabled parties. She owns her own law firm, the Law Office of Elizabeth McCree, which she opened in 2015. Elizabeth has been practicing law for 15 years. She also is an instructor at Andrews University teaching legal studies, history and political science. When Elizabeth is not working, she loves traveling and going on history tours. She is also the “queen of Disney sing-a-long songs.” 

Alexis HarrisBusiness portrait of Alexis.

Alexis wanted “to be part of something great” and knew her financial experience and perspective could be of an additional, valuable insight as BCF moves toward the future. 

Alexis is the community reinvestment act officer for Horizon Bank. She’s been in the banking business for more than 25 years, starting her career as a teller and moving on up through the ranks. She took a brief break from banking and shifted career fields to therapeutic counseling, becoming a behavioral therapist and addiction counselor before returning to the banking world.

She and her husband of 26 years have five children. One of her favorite things to do is roller skating. She also has 60+ first cousins!

Phil MolloyBusiness portrait of Phil.

As part of BCF’s board, Phil is excited to contribute to building strong, vibrant and sustainable communities, and giving back to the community his family has called home for over 15 years.

Phil is the product quality lead for Whirlpool Corporation’s U.S. refrigeration department. He leads teams to improve products and he also mentors employees. He’s been at Whirlpool for more than 33 years and in that time he has worked in laundry and refrigeration, and has been a product development engineer, process improvement engineer, plant quality manager, innovation lead and capabilities lead.

Phil enjoys spending time with family and friends, running, biking, and traveling. He also plays the drums! He’s played with groups in Mexico and Jamaica, is part of the 1980s rock cover band WYSIWYG and plays at First Church of God.