Students learn life cycles through classroom grant

two people standing together holding a larger-than-check.

Berrien Community Foundation announces awarding $4,500 to schools across Berrien County in the latest round of Golden Acorn Classroom Mini Grants – a grant program that supports school staff and a creative approach to lessons.

Mars Elementary School teacher Christi Mangold is teaching her students about the life cycle and what better way for them to learn than to watch chicks hatch before their eyes?

"We can always read or watch videos to help teach the life cycle,” Mangold said. “When we actually have a living creature to watch change and grow every day, it is a whole different experience. On top of learning the life cycle, students also learn responsibility and compassion. I am so excited to give my students this experience! Thank you!"

Mangold is using her grant dollars to purchase an egg incubator. She also plans to share the experience will all kindergarten students in the Berrien Springs school.

Teens Exhibiting Able Minds — the youth in philanthropy committee at Berrien Community Foundation — reviewed Golden Acorn Classroom Mini Grants this round. Students then had the opportunity to present grants to teachers.