Berrien Community Foundation Hires Chris Hurdle for Program Coordinator Role

Chris Hurdle joined the Foundation as the Program Coordinator in September 2021.

He previously worked at Lake Michigan College as an administrative assistant while pursuing his studies. He hails from Rochester, New York but came to Michigan to pursue higher education. He's enjoying the slower pace of life in Southwest Michigan and being so close to Lake Michigan. 

"I'm excited to be stepping into this role and joining an organization that truly values and wants the best for the communities here," Hurdle said. "Outreach is something that I wanted to be part of, and BCF does a lot of it!" 

Chris plans to one day teach at a school in Amsterdam. He enjoys reading, singing and theatre, serving in the community, and can fluently speak Dutch. He is excited to join the BCF family and help carry out its mission of helping resources meet needs.



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