Berrien Springs Area Endowment

Berrien Springs - the heart of Berrien County

A special place to call home

But what makes it so special? The people? The schools, library or parks? We all have our own unique reason why we choose to live and work here. But one thing is certain: we take pride in our hometown and want our community to be a safe and prosperous place for all of our citizens. It’s not just the buildings or pretty lawns and flowers that make the Berrien Springs area special - it’s the people who live next door, the friendly clerk down the street and the teachers who give special attention to our children. It’s people taking care of others. Caring for others is the heart of what makes the Berrien Springs area so special.


Community Advantages

  • Gifts to the Endowment held at the Berrien Community Foundation stay here—close to home—always helping our children and citizens.
  • Residents of the Berrien Springs area make up the committee to help determine how grant dollars will be used to enhance the quality of life. 
  • The Endowment will address the most urgent needs and opportunities—no matter how times issues may change in the future.
  • Donors have the assurance the money is professionally invested by the Berrien Community Foundation to support needs of today, yet managed so assets grow to meet the needs of  tomorrow.
  • All grants are distributed to local nonprofit organizations and government agencies within the Greater Berrien Springs area.


The Mission of the Berrien Springs Area Endowment

To provide support for projects through endowment funding which maintain and enhance the quality of life in the Berrien Springs area.

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Berrien Springs Area Endowment.


Donor Advantages

Economy of scale is realized, because the Berrien Community Foundation charges low fees for professional investment management and technical and administrative support. 

Your gift to the Berrien Springs Area Endowment is tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.


Members of the Berrien Springs Area Endowment Council are all dedicated volunteers who support the growth of the endowment and recommend grant distributions that address community needs.

Richard Bartz, Chair
Kathleen Pullano, Secretary
Larry Dow
Susan Ewalt
Evelyn Keigley
Roger Kesterke
Mari Kissinger
Ray Roberts
Anne Snyder
Bruce Stover
Ken Stover
Wayne Wright