Carolyn's Kids

Carolyn's Kids

Carolyn’s Kids grant opportunities support programs in the Benton Harbor, St. Joseph and Stevensville areas that improve the lives of children and youth. This grant program is a reflection of Carolyn Hanson’s love for children and belief that helping to strengthen children is crucial to the future of our community and our world. These grants are for new or existing programs that meet the emerging and ever-changing needs of children. This grant is a partnership between the Hanson Family Foundation and the Berrien Community Foundation.

What is it?

Two $50,000 grants will be awarded to support children’s programming in the Benton Harbor, St. Joseph and/or Stevensville areas.

Who Qualifies for the Grants?

This grant is open to 501c3 nonprofits, schools, churches doing community work and governmental agencies that wish to improve life for children and youth in the Benton Harbor, St. Joseph and/or Stevensville areas.

What Kind of Programs?

The needs of children in our community are always changing. Carolyn’s Kids will look for programs that improve the lives of children by:

  • Meeting basic needs
  • Enhancing educational experiences
  • Addressing mental and emotional well being
  • Contributing to their safety and security
  • Preparing them for the future

Winning projects will include some or all of the following characteristics:

  • Improve the lives of children and youth in Benton Harbor, St. Joseph and/or Stevensville areas.
  • Be a single or multi-year project. (For example, the budget could be used as $25,000 per year for two years)
  • $50,000 grant amount requested is a significant portion of the total project budget. 
  • Demonstrate collaboration or partnerships.

What is the Process?

A grant application must be downloaded by clicking here: Carolyn's Kids Grant Application

Download Application Signature form here: Carolyn's Kids Signature Form


Please note, you will also be required to upload a digital version of the following documents:
  • Auditor’s Statement or Financial Report
  • List of Board of Directors with affiliations
  • Operating Budget for organization AND Specific Project Budget
  • IRS Determination Letter indicating 501c(3) tax-exempt status
  • Signature Page (to download signature page click here)

Applications will be due May 31 by 5 p.m.

The winning applications will be announced in September at the Berrien Community Foundation Annual Meeting.

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