Gotcha Doin' Good

Berrien Community Foundation is currently seeking nominations for our Gotcha Doin' Good spotlight!

What’s Gotcha Doin' Good, you ask? Gotcha Doin' Good is all about showcasing the awesome acts of kindness people do right here in Berrien County! 

We want to hear (and then share) about the people who go the extra mile — a one-time thing or a recurring act of kindness. Like the person who spent a little bit of their Saturday picking up trash at a local park, or that child who decorated rocks with encouraging sayings and left them around town for strangers to find. 

If you know someone who fits the bill, complete the form below! You can nominate more than one person by filling out the form multiple times!

KC's Story

KC is a champion and advocate of mental health in the Niles area and beyond. Last week she was helping out at the Youth Mental Health First Aid training with Corewell Health. She founded WeECHO in 2020 with the intention of impacting the health and wellness of youth in Berrien County. She believes in collaboration with community organizations to provide the best resources to support youth in every way possible so they have a hope-filled future!

KC, thanks for being AWESOME!

Two women standing side-by-side, one holding a cupcake and the other holding a certificate acknowledging the acts of kindness KC Johnson does.
Two people standing

Madison's Story

  Madison was originally nominated for collecting and donating pop bottle tabs to Ronald McDonald House to help pay for the care of critically ill or injured children. She did this not once but TWICE! We then learned she brightens people’s days by writing little notes to neighbors to make them feel loved and special. She sure is a great example of kindness in Berrien County!

Madison, thanks for having a heart of gold and being AWESOME!

Madison holding an orange tote bag.
Two people standing in front of a table of apples talking.

Miguel's Story

Miguel Clark has been serving his community since he was 18 years old, and the other day was no different when we caught him volunteering at a mobile food pantry! The list is quite long of how he’s been giving back over the years, but just a few of them include being involved with: Coming Home Coming Together, Juneteenth, Benton Harbor 4th Ward alliance cleanups, City of Benton Harbor advisory boards, Sisters From Another Mother, elections and the Boys & Girls Club!
Miguel, keep up the great work and thanks for being AWESOME!

Man holding a piece of paper.

Jerry's Story

There are some seniors in our community who know they can call upon Jerry to help them get from Point A to Point B. Jerry Bolinger (center) can often be found driving with a copilot heading to their appointment or picking up groceries for others. And she does all of this out of the goodness of her heart. 

Jerry, thanks for being AWESOME!

Three women giving a thumbs up.
Ellie and Noah smile for the camera.

Ellie's Story

Ellie is a St. Joe sophomore who happily lends a hand to her senior neighbor who is also a veteran. She takes out his trash weekly, does light yard work and mows his grass.

Way to go, Ellie! Thanks for being AWESOME!

Ellie walking a trash bin out to the road.

Erica's Story:

Erica Momany opens her business, Koehler Financial Services in Stevensville, every Wednesday morning for YoungLife’s WyldLife girls to come in, hang out, grab a donut and fellowship with one another before school starts. She does so much for these Lakeshore Middle School girls, and we think it’s cool how she invests in them!

Thanks for being AWESOME!

A group of Lakeshore Middle School girls surrounding Erica Momany.
Two women standing side by side.

Robin's Story

Robin Lydic went above and beyond her call of duty at the Humane Society of Southwestern Michigan to help a family keep their dogs after they were all recently displaced by a house fire. Since pets are such a comfort, Robin wanted to make sure the family could keep them by their side; she connected them with local veterinarians, walked them through the process and paperwork for support animal designation, and other resources to keep the family together. 

Thanks for being AWESOME!

Woman with a dog sitting by her feet.
Two people smiling

Kevin's Story

Kevin Sweeney is a rockstar of a volunteer at the Readiness Center in Benton Harbor. He is always looking for ways to go the extra mile for kids in the afterschool program. Today he brought the supplies for a creative craft project making “drawing robots” with the kids using pool noodles and electric toothbrushes.

He also serves up hotdogs from his hotdog cart during the summer and mac ‘n cheese in the winter. It’s people like Kevin that make Berrien County such a great community to live, work and play. 

Thanks for being AWESOME!

A young girl handing an older man her drawing robot inside a classroom.