Backpacks For Good

Community Need:

Of the approximately 3,000 students in the Coloma and Watervliet and Hagar School Districts, over 2,046 of them are eligible for free or reduced lunch, an indicator of low-income families in the community.  Affording the items needed for the new school year can be difficult for these families. 


We are also coordinating a school supply drive throughout the Watervliet/Coloma area. Local businesses and other organizations have boxes to collect supplies that will be delivered to the schools for teachers to access throughout the year.

Please note, these supplies would not be used for the backpacks. They would be in addition to the backpacks, which have been purchased to assure that each student received the same quality and quantity of items.

The plan is to give away all of the backpacks on the day of the event, but there are any left, we will provide them to the schools to distribute as the need arises.

Distributing 750+ backpacks will be approximately 40% of the Kindergarten-5th Grade and 35% of the 6th-12th Grade low-income students.


The event will be Saturday, August 10 from 10am to 2pm and will be held at Midway Baptist Church in Watervliet (on Red Arrow Hwy between Watervliet and Coloma) because it is a convenient, welcoming location for both communities.

We are recruiting volunteers to help staff at the Backpacks For Good event.