Krasl Art Center

The Krasl Art Center is located in beautiful downtown Saint Joseph along the bluff.

Started in 1962, when a handful of artists held a small art exhibition along Lake Bluff Park in Saint Joseph, the Krasl Art Center provides southwest Michigan residents and visitors the opportunity to experience high quality art exhibitions, installations, and events as well as art classes, camps, guest artist workshops, and outreach opportunities.

The current 17,500 square foot building was built in 1979, with the help of beneficiaries George and Olga Krasl.

It has become the center of our community's public galleries, art making studios, a black and white wet darkroom, a gift shop, and a permanent collection of 38 sculptures.




Donating to the Krasl Art Center will help support their program called The Art Angels. Art Angels work with Lakeland Healthcare to provide oncology and pediatric patients the opportunity to create their own art during treatment, as well as supporting their daily needs and art class costs.