Monday Musical Club

The Monday Musical Club was established in 1908, as a non-profit philanthropic and educational organization dedicated to music education and promotion of creativity and performing arts. 

The Club meets the first Monday in October and November as well as February through June for artists' program meetings at the beautiful Heritage Museum and Cultural Center. Their annual Vespers Service is held on the first Sunday in December and the annual Junior Club Scholarship Competition is held in January. 

The purpose of the Club is to bring into working relations with one another, music clubs, and other music organizations and individuals directly or indirectly associated with music activity for the purpose of developing and maintaining high musical standards; aiding and encouraging music education; and the promotion of American music and musicians throughout America and other countries.


In order to fulfill our mission and expand our outreach to the community, Monday Musical Club is making grants available to schools and non-profit organizations in Berrien County to support music instruction, programs, performances, or other purposes that would engage and educate people of all ages. Special consideration will be given to projects that support music education where it is not readily accessible; provide enhanced musical experiences to young musicians, and promote music appreciation and literacy in the community. 

Grants are for up to $3000. Deadline for applications is March 31, 2023. Grants will be awarded by April 30, 2023.
Download Application HERE.


Donating to the Monday Musical Club will help support their scholarship program.