A New Look For BCF

  The Berrien Community Foundation revealed a new logo at its 2017 annual meeting.

  “Even after 65 years, what sets us apart - the core of what we do - remains the same as the idea that our founders had 65 years ago when they met and founded the Berrien Community Foundation at Holly’s Restaurant in Benton Harbor” said Berrien Community Foundation President Lisa Cripps-Downey. “It is the idea of For Good. For Ever. Through endowments, we are creating lasting resources that help us love Berrien County forever.”

  The new logo symbolizes For Good. For Ever. by intertwining a heart and an infinity symbol.

  The Foundation also revealed the new mission and vision statements that will lead them to connect resources with needs throughout Berrien County.

Mission: To connect the power of people who care with causes and organizations that strengthen our communities

Vision: To Build strong, vibrant, and sustainable communities. For Good. For Ever.