Berrien Community Foundation Wants To Catch You ‘Doin’ Good’

Kevin Sweeney holds a cupcake and smiles at the camera while Kelly Gampel smiles and points at the camera.Berrien Community Foundation launched Gotcha Doin’ Good this week, an acts-of-kindness feature to shine light on good works people are doing in the community this week — and they are looking for more stories.

Gotcha Doin’ Good was born out of the desire to celebrate the good things — both large and small — people are doing in Berrien County. Kevin Sweeney’s act of kindness was the story that pioneered the project.

Kevin Sweeney helps a little girls with building a "drawing robot" with a pool noodle and electric toothbrush.Sweeney is always looking for ways to go the extra mile for the students at the Readiness Center, which provides children and their parents with the curiosity, confidence and tools necessary to succeed in school. Sweeney recently brought supplies for a creative craft project making “drawing robots” using pool noodles and electric toothbrushes. The students also know him for his hotdog cart in the summer and macaroni and cheese in the winter. 

“Kevin is a rockstar of a volunteer for the Readiness Center,” said BCF President Lisa Cripps-Downey. Gotcha Doin’ Good is all about those feel-good stories of the people that make Berrien County such a great place to live, work and play. Everywhere you turn, there are people just like Kevin doing acts of kindness, and we want to share those stories with the community and celebrate the people making it happen.”

BCF is seeking stories like Kevin’s to share — whether it is the person who spent some of their Saturday morning picking up trash or the child who paints and leaves rocks with encouraging messages around town. To nominate someone, visit or call to tell us about someone doing good at 269-983-3304.